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Welcome to C.T.E Web Site, the website has been designed to provide an idea about our service, our gola to help keep the environment clean by performing underground pertoleum underground tank, vapour recivery, leak detector, and other tests.Vapor recovery system recover the gasoline vapors generated while fueling vehicles in a gas service station.

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Technological Development In Industry

Clean Air


The federal clean air act is the federal law passed in 1970. and last amended 1990, forms the basis for the national air pollution control effort .Basic elements of the act include national ambient air quality standards for major air pollutants, hazardous air pollutant standards state attainment plans, motor vehicle emissions standards, stationary source emissions standards and permits , stratospheric ozone protection, and enforcement provisions.


Rule and Laws


The environmental Protection division administers 26 state environment laws and is responsible for programs under four federal laws. EPD also develops and enforces rule based on Georgia (Official code of Georgia Annotated) Statutes for protecting Georgia’s air quality through the regulation of emissions from industrial source, mobile and gas service station sources, also monitors levels of air pollutants throughout the state.Please check the link www.gaepd.com for further rules and laws.


C. T. E.


CTE technicians are the best to serve any of your gas station tests needs; our aim is to serve you better and on timely manner. Please note that our competitive prices, flexible scheduling, and experience will save you time and money.