Why Bennett:

  1. The Pacific eNVy delivers the lowest total cost of ownership
  2. Reduced maintenance cost because it it has the best warrant in market
  3. While Gilbarco take 13 Amp to operate, Bennett take only 4 Amp and that will provide over than 75 % power saving reflected in your power bill.
  4. Bennett SB100 meter is the industry’s most accurate meter, providing station owners with peace of mind and years of trouble free performance
  5. The pacific grade select buttons are the industry’s only stainless-steel buttons with no moving parts which make them virtually indestructible
  6. All display panels use hardened polycarbonate sacrificial lenses providing increased protection and longevity 

CTE is 1 of 2 Bennett Pump Distributors in the area.

  • Bennett Pump offers a variety of solutions for retail fueling. Depending on your specific application and fueling configuration, we have fuel dispensers to suit your needs for straight grade or blended fuels, standard fuels, alcohol, ethanol, diesel and more.
  • Bennett Pump manufactures a variety of clean fueling dispensers for LNG, Hydrogen and CNG fueling. This is all part of Bennett’s commitment to advance and grow with emerging technologies.
  • Bennett manufacturers high speed diesel dispensers for fueling trucks. These deliver fuel a master + satellite combined flow rate of up to 60 gpm, allowing you to sell more fuel in less time.